Richmond has made it to the second round of the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation's Culture of Health Prize! This video is to help it go all the way. The prize will garner prestige for our city, but more importantly $25,000 for the Public Health District who have been rethinking community design using a deepening perspective of the determinants of public health. Many voices are helping to shape new outcomes. Not just public officials this time, but community leaders too. They are working together to promote healthy living, protect the environment, and prevent disease.

The principal goal for this class is to expose students to the importance of the James River watershed to the residents of Virginia in the present, past, and future. This collaborative, experiential learning opportunity combines faculty from the Biology Department, the Center for Environmental Studies and the Outdoor Adventure Program.
Explore the tidal wetlands with Scott Neubauer, PhD, and his research team, and learn about their research out in the field and back at the lab at VCU. This video is part of a series of videos created for VCU students taking the Quantitative Biology course.

VCU's resident ornithologist Dr. Lesley Bulluck takes us out on a tributary of the James River to record data from Warbler Nesting Boxes.

The Richmond Regional Ride Center is about expanding access to awesome single track trails from your home without ever getting into your car. Our goal is to have high quality single track riding that is less than a 5 mile bike ride from home. Assistant Editor on this project.

A Viral Video Mashup with over 10 Million Views On YouTube and 1.3 Million Views on Vimeo!